The farm land is 80 hectares; of which 25 Hectare has been set aside for roses; 17 hectares are already in production of both t-hybrids and intermediate varieties and another 3 hectares will be added by the end of the year.
Currently the farm is growing ten varieties:
Mariyo, Marie-Claire, La Belle, Duett, Aqua, Belle Rose, Red Calypso, Classic Duett, Viva, Valentino.

Red Ice Flowers is very aware of responsibilities of environmental issues; therefore the remaining 55 Ha of the farm will remain untouched forest and wetlands.
The water comes from boreholes as well as from a rain water reservoir and filter waste water through wetlands.

There are good facilities for staff, which include a health clinic.

overview of the farm
inside Red Ice


inside the greenhouse

Wetlands within the farm

Forest within the farm